If you’ve been away from Nigeria, you probably miss these things

The popular phrase "there is no place like home" makes more sense to travellers who has experience in missing home. These are the things Non-resident Nigerian miss.

Holidays are usually exciting, especially when the IJGBs (I just got back) arrive. It’s usually a dream come true to travel out of Nigeria for business, education, and other new adventures. However, after staying away for a while, you start to miss home. Funny enough, the things you miss about Nigeria might just be among the reasons you come back anytime an opportunity presents itself.

Here are some of those things to miss about Nigeria;

Nigerian weather

From the dry season to the rainy and harmattan season, Nigerian weather is moderate. You don’t need to worry about snow, hurricanes, tornadoes and extreme conditions that other countries face. Although the sun may be scorching sometimes, it is way better than any form of weather disaster you could experience in your country of residence.

Daily Street Scenes

The streets of metro cities like Lagos, Port-Harcourt among others are dramatic theatres in their own rights. It starts from the airport and with a lot of entertaining scenes to watch along the road, you just can’t get bored looking out of the car windows. The anxious crowd you see, the painted taxis and buses, the street vendors, people jumping buses, the nightlife and more are some of the things to miss about Nigeria.

Nigerian Delicacies

What’s there not to miss about Nigerian food? Especially the popular Nigerian jollof rice. There are a couple of locally prepared meals that you can’t find its match anywhere else in the world. For instance, home-made palm oil akara; the popular snack in the east, okpa; bole (roasted plantains) and ‘mama put’ dishes are not something you’ll stumble on in most foreign countries. Also, buying stuff in traffic (sausage roll and soft drinks) could be one of the things to miss.

Market haggling

“Madam, please let me pay N500 for those fresh tomatoes.” You remember this kind of line right? When you are not shopping in a supermarket, the process of bargaining goods with the market seller is usually a stressful but adventurous one that some people look forward to.

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Nigerian Parties

Ain’t no party like a Lagos party! Lagos parties and Nigerian parties, in general, are legendary. From the flamboyant outfits to the indigenous food and groovy music, little wonder why Nigerian parties are so lit and something to look forward to. Unlike some foreign climes where you have to buy your own drinks and food at a party, you don’t pay for anything in Nigerian parties.

Family and Friends

You definitely miss your family and friends, even when you have your new circle in your country of resident. This also comes with missing what these loved ones do for you voluntarily without you having to ask or pay for.

Nigerian Fashion

Who misses wearing Agbada and Adire? If you haven’t found a way to order some of these indigenous wears from Nigeria, you probably miss dressing up the Nigerian way. It’s also a beautiful sight seeing a lot of people adorned in traditional outfits, especially during festive seasons when everyone wears their best.

Affordable hair

Haircut for guys is basic anywhere in the world, however, a few of you guys really miss your barber when you are away. Also, the ladies usually miss their salons back home because it’s usually a struggle finding a salon that can handle African hair at a fair price.

Nigerian humor

We have an epic sense of humour which now trends on social media, so maybe you only miss out when you are off the Nigerian digital sphere. But sometimes, you probably miss attending comedy shows that crack your ribs with relateable jokes spoken in pidgin English, you miss speaking pidgin, your local dialect and Nigerian slangs, etc.

Anyway, wherever you are, whatever you do, remember to keep in touch with Nigeria and the things/people who make you look forward to coming back home.