Must have Fashion items for every Man

Fashion for men is quite simple, nonetheless, it is important for every man to have the following wardrobe essentials to complete and compliment each day's outfit.

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Fashion for men is quite simple, however, men always think of aesthetics and quality as a special touch to simplicity. It is important for every man to have wardrobe essentials no matter how simple they choose to dress.

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These are some of the fashion accessories you must own as a man. They are basic day-to-day accessories needed to complete and compliment each day’s outfit.

Brown Belt

A black belt is just too basic and over emphasized. Opt for a darker shade of brown and make sure you match it with the color of your shoes – meaning you also need a pair of brown shoes as well.

Black shoes

Just like ladies have a pair of black ‘knock about shoes,’ men also need one to wear when other colors fail. You can never go wrong with a black pair of good shoes – invest on them because you probably will wear your black shoes more than you will wear your shoes of other colors.

Quality Wrist Watch

You can single out a wealthy man from the crowd just by his wrist watch. A man’s time teller speaks volume and may even be the most expensive fashion item on him.

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Think of the message you want to pass to people around you through the quality of your wrist watch – this will help you invest accordingly on the right piece of watch.

Neutral-color wallet

Does the outward appearance of a man’s wallet reflect his financial status? Most likely! Then you need a fine high-quality wallet. The good thing about getting very good products is that you don’t need to worry about replacing them in a long time coupled with the fact that it speaks well of your social status.

Cool Perfume

Every man needs a good cologne to tame his natural body fragrance. Your perfume doesn’t have to be a million bucks, but it should have a million bucks fragrance. You can get some nice fragrance on SMEMarketHub.


This might sound a little bit old fashioned but hey, how do you intend to wipe off your face from time to time? Rather than have a regular silk white handkerchief, you can go for vintage materials in different unique colors that can serve as a face wipe, pocket square and even bandanna. Stay stylish, get some of these wardrobe add-ons and more.

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